What is the Music Production Process?

If you’re new to working with a music producer, you might have questions about the process. This article outlines my typical production roadmap.

1. Mapping

During the first step of your project, we map out your goals and aesthetic vision, listen to artists that inspire you, and create a production schedule.

This step aligns our understanding of the project in terms of your artistic vision and where you may need some help.

The second step, “orientation”, gives you access to the necessary tools for communication, collaboration, and project management during the course of your production. These tools keep us organized which allows us to focus on the creative workย 

2. Pre-Production

The foundation of any great recording is the song. Pre-production is focused on honing your songs prior to recording.

We start by selecting the best songs to record, then work on refining the arrangement, lyrics, tempo, chord progression, or melody as needed.

Often artists work in isolation, so having feedback on your music can provide valuable perspective.

Whether we work together in my studio or remotely, the milestone to complete at the end of the pre-production process is to record scratch tracks.

A scratch track is a basic recording of your song which has the final arrangement, tempo, key, and chord changes. Generally, vocals and accompanying instruments (e.g. guitar/piano) are recorded separately. That way, the isolated vocals can be used as we build your production.

3. Production

The path of each project is unique, but during the production stage our goal is to develop the sound of the recording. This is typically achieved through:

  • Adding layers of instruments I play such as guitars, resonator, mandolin, banjo.
  • Incorporating programmed sounds and textures.
  • Recording session players.
  • Creating a vocal arrangement (lead and background vocals).

We will communicate and collaborate at every step. This stage is guided by your aesthetic vision and our artistic collaboration. I’m emphasizing this because at no point should you feel left-out or disempowered in this process. I thrive on collaboration and sincerely feel that the music I create with artists is so much more than the sum of its parts.

4. Post-Production

During the mixing stage, we devote special attention to finalizing the recording balance in order to achieve the perfect sound.

To accomplish this, we make numerous adjustments to elements such as volume, EQ, compression, and FX. I then process the audio through my analog mix chain to ensure the ultimate polished and incredible sound.

My mixing services are included in your production at no extra cost.

Mastering is the final stage of audio processing. Itโ€™s a specialized skill requiring specific equipment, done by an external engineer at a small additional cost. Iโ€™ll help choose the best engineer and help guide the process.


5. Delivery

At the end of our process, you will receive a world-class recording that is fully produced, mixed, mastered and ready for commercial release (and weโ€™ll have a great time doing it).

You will leave with all the files needed to upload to your digital distributor or for CD/Vinyl manufacturing.

6. The Studio Songwriter

So you’ve created an amazing recording, now what’s next?!

Many artists have questions about how to prepare for a release, music royalties, sync, performing live, grants, PR….๐Ÿคฏ

Included in your production is access to the Artist Circle tier of my membership site The Studio Songwriter.

This community was created to answer the question “What’s Next?”.

The Studio Songwriter is an online community that is only available to previous artists Iโ€™ve worked. The private site hosts in-depth courses as well as over a dozen hour long interviews and workshops with music industry leaders.

Perhaps you need support with self-recording, have questions about navigating the music industry, or want to hear from experts on topics like sync licensing, marketing, prepping for a photoshoot, and much more.

The community contains in depth lessons and wisdom for artists at any stage in their careers and is only available to my production clients.


Wherever you are at in your journey, our first step is to connect.

You may be an established artist looking to work together in-person in my Toronto studio.

Or you may be an emerging artist interested in working together remotely.

Wherever you are at in your journey (or the world), I have the resources to help.

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