👋 Hi, I’m Joel Schwartz.

I’m a music producer, composer, and artist mentor. 

I help singer songwriters take an idea and transform it into a polished recording with an experience that catapults their artistry and development

Production Portfolio

Jadea Kelly

  • Any Old Boat 00:00
  • 10 Roses 00:00
* Over 1 million streams on Apple Music
* Cover of Amazon's "Fresh Folk & Acoustic" playlist
* Cover of Spotify "Folk and Friends" and "Renegade Folk" playlists
Producer, mixer, guitars, mandolin, resonator, banjo

Dione Taylor

  • How Many times 00:00
  • Running Down The Line 00:00
  • One More Shot 00:00
* Juno Nominated Blues Album of the Year
* Winner of the Blues and Roots Radio Album of the year
Producer, Co-Writer, guitars, mandolin, resonator, banjo

Shawna Caspi

  • Wait Love 00:00
  • Lay Low Shadow 00:00
  • Echo 00:00
* Folk Music Ontario Nominee Album of the Year 2023

* Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee Contemporary Album of the Year

Producer, Co-Writer, Guitars, Mandolin, Resonator, Banjo

Lindsay Foote

  • NYC 00:00
  • Won't Do Me Any Good 00:00
  • Resting Place 00:00
* Producer, guitars, mandolin, resonator, banjo
*Featured in American Songwriter Magazine

Kelley Smith

  • Tea and Whiskey 00:00
  • Moon Child 00:00
  • Dust 00:00
* List The Current's Radio Heartland Best of 2022 List

* Blues and Roots Radio Album of the Year Nominee 2023

Producer, Mixer, Guitars, Mandolin, Resonator, Banjo

Nicky Phillips

  • Home 00:00
  • Change 00:00
  • Echo 00:00
* Producer, guitars, mandolin, resonator, banjo

Aviva Chernick

  • Min Hameitzar 00:00
  • Esta Montanya 00:00
  • La Serena 00:00
* Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee World Music Album of the Year 2021
* Co-producer, guitars, mandolin, resonator, banjo

TV Composition Portfolio

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Demo Production

“I help artists make life-changing albums”

You have big artistic ideas and visions, but making a record the way you hear it requires a different skillset than what you have honed as an artist.

Perhaps undertaking a recording project sounds overwhelming. If you’re like most artists, creating alone only gets you so far – at some point you need to collaborate with someone.  

How I help
My goal is to create an empowering recording experience that catapults your artistry and development in an environment that ‘lowers your bloodpressure’ and puts a smile on your face.

My music production offers close one-on-one creative collaboration, expert musicianship, organized project management, in a safe and fun creative environment.

How it works
As a producer, I have many roles in your project: from creative collaborator, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and sonic-universe-creator™, to accountability partner, studio mentor, and project manager.

My job is meet you where you are at right now, and help you to realize and collaborate on your creative vision.

So, whether you are an emerging songwriter or an established recording artist, I’m here to help you make incredible world-class art that you and your fans will treasure for the rest of your life. 

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What the artists say...

“Working with Joel has been absolutely transformational.

I’ve gone from somebody who was writing songs and singing them in my bedroom to somebody who has all these amazing opportunities coming down the road.”
🔗Kelley Smith
Singer Songwriter 

“Joel really dove into the heart of my tune Bandit and brought the best out of it.”

If you’re considering working with Joel, he’s an amazing person and I would highly recommend it”


🔗Cynthia Hamar

“You’re very fortunate if you’re able to work with Joel Schwartz – he’s fantastic!”

🔗Carla Walker

Dione Taylor
Dione TaylorRecording Artist
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"Working beside and creating music with Joel is an incredible experience. His perseverance with and dedication to bringing your musical vision into reality is what every artist dreams of in a producer. Joel’s energy and vibe creates a safe and open space for imagination, artistry… and wicked fun! I’m excited and extremely proud of the ‘sound’ that we created on my upcoming album."
Lindsay Foote
Lindsay FooteSinger/Songwriter
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"Joel produced my EP, and he helped me take the project to an entirely new level.

He has amazing musical instincts, and all of his playing, production, and arrangement ideas were perfect. On top of his musicality, he truly listened to me and took to heart what I wanted to do with the project. I felt comfortable sharing my ideas and concerns with him, and because of this the end product felt like a true collaboration.

Joel brings out the best in whoever he works with, and I can't imagine having a better experience with a producer. On top of everything, the whole process was so much fun!! And I'm truly proud of the work we did together."
Jadea Kelly
Jadea KellySinger/Songwriter
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"Having toured, performed and recorded with Joel, I can sincerely attest to his professionalism, open heart and emotional musical ear. He sits, listens and encourages authenticity always. It has always been a great pleasure working with him, as a producer."
Andrea Koziol
Andrea KoziolSinger/Songwriter
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“Joel brings bullseye instincts, huge ears and exacting standards to every project he’s involved in…every note is there for a reason, every sound makes perfect sense and everyone is happy at the end of the session.

Work with him and you’ll see what I mean.”
Justin Gray
Justin GrayMastering Engineer
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"His depth as a musician, combined with his artistic vision, make him a very unique and effective producer

Whether it is helping an artist realize an arrangement, playing guitar parts to augment a recording or helping to manage timelines/budgets, Joel has a comprehensive range of skills that are mandatory for modern music production. I cannot recommend working with Joel enough. From writing and arranging, to playing and tracking, Joel truly has it all."
Aviva Chernick
Aviva ChernickRecording Artist
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"Joel has a phenomenal ear which, married with his imagination, and skill as a musician and producer, brings songs into their full beauty. He helps the songs be realized exactly the way they were meant to be heard all along."

Awards for productions


Joel Schwartz is a seasoned guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer of award winning records.

With 20 years of experience as a professional musician, he produces recordings for contemporary roots, folk, Americana, blues, and indie musicians.

The recordings he’s played on and produced have won, or been nominated for numerous awards including the Junos, Canadian Folk Music Awards, Western Canadian Folk Music Awards, Ontario Folk Music Awards, Maple Blues Awards, and Blues and Roots Radio Awards.

Joel has toured and/or recorded with: Birds of Chicago, Amelia Curran, Matthew and Jill Barber, Great Lake Swimmers, Royal Wood, Jessica Mitchell, Aviva Chernick, Andrea Koziol, Dione Taylor, Lydia Persaud, Jadea Kelly and many others.

When he’s not in the studio producing records, Joel teaches music entrepreneurship at Sheridan College, speaks at music conference panels, and leads a community membership for songwriters called The Studio Songwriter.

Joel proudly endorses K&K pickups and Neunaber pedals.

Music Production Roadmap


Wherever you are at in your journey, our first step is to connect.

You may be an established artist looking to work together in-person in my Toronto studio.

Or you may be an emerging artist interested in working together remotely.

Wherever you are at in your journey (or the world), I have the resources to help.

Fill out the form to get started.

This is the first step of your project.

I call it ‘mapping’ because we are charting the rough course of your production. We will discuss your goals and aesthetic vision, listen to other artists that inspire you, and create our production schedule.

Orientation is the second step of this stage.  We will get you on the communication, collaboration, and project management tools that hold our creative work in an organized and clear way, so we can focus on the fun stuff. 



The foundation of a great recording is the songwriting.

During pre-production, we will collaborate to ensure that your songs are as tight as possible prior to being recorded.

We will select our fav songs, then work on refining the arrangement, lyrics, tempo, chord progression, or melody as needed.

Often artists work in isolation, so having fresh ears on a project can provide a valuable perspective.

The path of each production is unique, but during this stage our goal is to develop the sound of the recording. This is typically achieved through:

– Adding layers of instruments I play such as guitars, resonator, mandolin, banjo.

– Incorporating programmed sounds and textures.

– Recording session players.

– Creating a vocal arrangement (lead and background vocals).

We will communicate and collaborate at every step.



At the mixing stage, we are finalizing the recording balance.

We fine tune the volume, EQ, and compression through my analog mix chain so that your recording sounds polished and incredible.

My mixing is included in your production at no extra cost.

Mastering is the final stage of audio processing. It’s a specialized skill requiring specific equipment, done by an external engineer at a small additional cost. I’ll help choose the best engineer and help guide the process.

At the end of our process, you will receive a world-class recording that is fully produced, mixed, mastered and ready for commercial release (and we’ll have a great time doing it).

You will leave with all the files needed to upload to your digital distributor or for CD/Vinyl manufacturing.


/the studio songwriter

Included in your production is access to the Artist Circle tier of my membership site The Studio Songwriter.

This is an online community of previous artists I’ve worked with that hosts in depth courses as well as over a dozen hour long interviews and workshops with music industry leaders.

Perhaps you need support with self-recording, have questions about navigating the music industry, or want to hear from experts on topics like sync licensing, marketing, prepping for a photoshoot, and much more.

The community contains in depth lessons and wisdom for artists at any stage in their careers and is only available to my production clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions not listed here?
Send me a message!

How would you describe your production style?

Answer #1
I specialize in producing roots music, with a particular focus on creating authentic, organic sounds. Some of my notable works include super stripped-down folk records like Kelley Smith's, transcendental blues-rock such as Dione Taylor's, and atmospheric folk-pop exemplified by Jadea Kelly's music, among many others.

Answer #2
While it would be simpler to categorize my work under genres like Americana or folk-pop, music, like life, defies strict labels. My background includes a degree in Jazz guitar, studies in classical mandolin, and a love for grunge and skater-punk. This eclectic mix finds its way (to varying degrees!) into my productions, blending and shaping the sound to fit the unique essence of each song.

Moreover, I cherish the journey of creating a record. It's more than just the final product; it's about guiding artists as they expand their artistry and develop their musical voice. Being a part of this growth and creating a nurturing space for this, is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role as a music producer.

Answer #3
I think of my production style as similar to the art of Bonsai. Just as a Bonsai tree appears to be a miniature version of a full-sized tree, my approach involves cultivating organic and authentic sounds while intentionally shaping them to achieve a specific artistic vision. Much like the meticulous care and skill required to craft a Bonsai tree, I take great care in crafting the sound of my productions.



What is the difference between in-person, remote, and hybrid productions?

For in-person productions, artists utilize my studio facilities in Toronto. We collaborate on the entire production process, from pre-production to final masters, in person. This option is ideal for artists local to Toronto or those able to travel. No technical knowledge is required from artists choosing in-person production, as I handle all audio engineering in my studio.
Remote productions are a great choice for artists who are not located nearby but still wish to collaborate. This format constitutes the majority of my production projects, and I have successfully worked with artists across North America, the UK, and Europe. Remote production is well-suited for artists who either already possess or are willing to invest in some home studio equipment. Additionally, I provide a comprehensive step-by-step course on setting up a home studio at various price points as part of the remote production package. I have found that establishing a home studio can be an empowering tool for artists. Alternatively, some artists have opted to record their vocals at professional studios in their local area. I have a wide network of studio connections and can assist in coordinating this process.
As the pandemic recedes, hybrid productions have gained popularity. In this format, the majority of the work is done remotely, but artists come to my studio for the final vocal recordings.

What equipment and software do I need to work with you remotely?

At a minimum, you will need an interface, microphone, headphones, computer, and all the necessary cables to connect everything. As part of the remote production package, you will receive a comprehensive course on selecting and setting up a home studio, tailored to different budget levels.

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How do you handle revisions and feedback during the production process?

Productions are housed in a project management app with a direct chat/messaging function. In addition, we will use a specialized audio revision software for notes, comments, and revisions. All super easy and fun to use and included in your project.

What is your typical turnaround time for a project?

The timeframe for a project can vary depending on the scope of work and my current schedule. Typically, a safe estimate is around 30 days from start to finish. Most of the artists I work with prefer a relaxed pace, focusing on quality rather than speed. However, if there is a specific deadline due to label requirements, grant deadlines, or release schedules, rest assured we will meet it.

How do you handle payment and billing for your services?

Payment and billing for my services are straightforward. I typically require a deposit upfront to secure your project in my schedule, with the remaining balance due upon reaching specific milestones throughout the project. I accept payment through various methods, including bank transfer or credit card. Detailed proposals, contracts, and invoices are provided for your records, outlining all services rendered and associated costs.

For longer-term or recurring projects, I offer a monthly subscription payment plan. This plan allows artists to spread the cost of our collaboration over an extended period, such as a year. This option provides flexibility and convenience for artists looking to work together over a more extended period.

Last Words...

Make art that moves hearts​

Joel Schwartz Production