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Helping artists hone their writing, find their sound, and bring an evolved musical vision to reality.

Joel Schwartz produces original music for singer-songwriters. Recent and upcoming releases include Dione Taylor (LP), Aviva Chernick (LP), Jadea Kelly (singles), Lindsay Foote (EP), and Gathering Sparks (EP). To date, his productions have earned nominations in the Canadian Folk Music Award and Western Canadian Music Award (Blues category).

When working with Joel, artists get the benefit of a well-equipped studio, a co-writer, and a unique style of guitar and multi-instrumental playing in a collaborative process that is transformative for the artist’s work. His background in jazz, indie rock, folk, and pop comes together in what Paul Quarrington called “…beautiful and intelligent ethereal twang.”

Above all, Joel enjoys the chance to play and create with singer/songwriters. He truly loves working with artists in his creative studio space: helping them break new creative ground, make awesome-sounding recordings, and get to the next level in their careers.

“When you have a great song, great lyrics, and great players, my job is to bring all the elements together in a cohesive way, so it also sounds great on tape. The process starts with unearthing the vision for the project. This is where dreaming happens. Let the imagination run wild and discover the inspiration. Once that intention begins to coalesce into a framework, I help guide the arranging, sonic character, and musical personnel to express it. On time and on budget.”

Joel Schwartz


Joel Schwartz Studio is a professional recording facility located in Toronto, Ontario. The space is equipped with a beautiful selection of high-end mics, preamps, outboard gear, guitars, cool stringed instruments, and FX in an acoustically treated creative environment. 

Production clients will benefit from engineering and session work by Joel, tracking of other musicians, sounds/effects/loops/pads, and a trusted musical confidant.

The production space provides a great environment for tracking vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, and other overdubs. Joel has relationships with other studios for tracking drums, live grand piano, and string/horn sections.

For artists working with Joel remotely or coming from out of town, pre-production sessions can be conducted through video conferencing and file sharing, and recording can be scheduled in a tight block of time so your visit is efficient.

“I love collaborating with musicians. Maybe their song’s not completely finished and they want some songwriting or arrangement help. Maybe they’ve written a great song but don’t have a production vision for it. We work to figure out how it can evolve by looking at arrangement, rhythm, and instrumental directions, and taking it to a higher level. Singer-songwriters make a great song - and, for me, it’s the sonic stuff. Making it sound great on a recording.”

Joel Schwartz


Joel is available for consultation or a full production package. All rates depend on the project. Please contact with details of your project to get a quote. All options include Joel’s playing.


Book a two-hour studio session with Joel to consult on a song or project, and have a chance to try a few directions. 

This may be a one-off or can apply to a longer collaboration. Consultations may include refining the arrangements, songwriting, and playing with instrumentation and sounds.


Producing a single involves bringing an individual song through the entire production process for commercial release. This includes everything from picking the repertoire and determining the project scope to executing the artistic vision to help accomplish the artist’s career goals.

Working with Joel to produce a single includes two pre-production sessions and three recording sessions.

Production can be done using Joel’s studio, a satellite studio, or remotely. The final mix and master is separate (and can be arranged through Joel Schwartz studio).


Collaborate with Joel to produce an EP or a full-length album.

An album is an important milestone in an artist’s career. There are many reasons to record a collection of songs, especially for performing/touring artists. Album production includes the work done on a single with a greater emphasis on the vision to create a cohesive body of work. The process includes recording the bed tracks and scratch vocal, overdubbing instruments, overdubbing final vocals, and a rough mix.


Making a recording is a huge step for an artist. It is a big financial and artistic decision and a significant time commitment.

When you’ve written a great song, you want it to sound awesome.

Know that when you work with Joel Schwartz you will be working with a professional with over 20 years of professional experience. 

Artists decide to work with a producer at a number of points in their career. Here are some of the reasons:

"Having toured, performed and recorded with Joel, I can sincerely attest to his professionalism, open heart and emotional musical ear. He sits, listens and encourages authenticity always. It has always been a great pleasure working with him, as a producer and a good friend."
Jadea Kelly
"Joel was incredible to work with. He produced my EP, and he helped me take the project to an entirely new level. He has amazing musical instincts, and all of his playing, production, and arrangement ideas were perfect. On top of his musicality, he truly listened to me and took to heart what I wanted to do with the project. I felt comfortable sharing my ideas and concerns with him, and because of this the end product felt like a true collaboration. Joel brings out the best in whoever he works with, and I can't imagine having a better experience with a producer. On top of everything, the whole process was so much fun!! And I'm truly proud of the work we did together."
Lindsay Foote
"Joel has a phenomenal ear which, married with his imagination, and skill as a musician and producer, brings songs into their full beauty. He helps the songs be realized exactly the way they were meant to be heard all along."
Aviva Chernick
"Working beside and creating music with Joel is an incredible experience. His perseverance with and dedication to bringing your musical vision into reality is what every artist dreams of in a producer. Joel’s energy and vibe creates a safe and open space for imagination, artistry… and wicked fun! I’m excited and extremely proud of the ‘sound’ that we created on my upcoming album (to be released in 2020)."
Dione Taylor
"I have had the pleasure of working with Joel in a wide range of musical settings. His depth as a musician, combined with his artistic vision, make him a very unique and effective producer. Whether it is helping an artist realize an arrangement, playing guitar parts to augment a recording or helping to manage timelines/budgets, Joel has a comprehensive range of skills that are mandatory for modern music production. Recently, I was the mix and mastering engineer for a project he was producing, and I was blown away at his ability to help verbalize the artist's requests, and keep the entire process creative, yet still highly efficient. I cannot recommend working with Joel enough. From writing and arranging, to playing and tracking, Joel truly has it all."
Justin Gray
Artist, mastering engineer


Roots Music Canada

“[Aviva’s voice] emerges vividly amidst the subtle architecture of layered and reverberant instrumentation constructed by guitarist and co-producer Joel Schwartz.”

Paul Corby, Roots Music Canada
November 14, 2019

The Vinyl Anachronist

“The musical arrangements are also endlessly intriguing, full of subtle surprises and tiny little details that capture your heart for just a fleeting moment. The sound quality is stunning, which really rounds out the package so to speak–there’s a completeness to La Sirena that’s rare and uncompromising and yet full of love and respect.”

Marc Phillips in Music, The Vinyl Anachronist
October 9, 2019

The All Scene Eye

“I would bring [Joel] ideas, we would play them together, and he would help me. It was super fun, to be honest. He’s an incredible musician, so he’s really fun to play with. I always really liked my time doing that. It’s like getting to spend time doing your favorite stuff and also having someone amazing focus on your music, which is great.

Then for production, we were recording in the studio. We did all that in two days with Toronto musicians, a lot of whom I’d been working with previously in my band, so that was great too. Super exciting. They were all amazing. Afterwards, we worked a couple months on post-production, adding different things. Joel added a lot of instruments and textures that he could do in his own studio. It was a year of working with him, and now it’s been a year and a half until I released it, but it’s been done for a few months. There were just ends to tie up.”

Lindsay Foote, (interview excerpt), The All Scene Eye
November 15, 2019

Note from Joel

I love making art. I love collaborating with songwriters.

Everything from the early creation stages, tracking the beds, overdubbing, to the final master is energizing and exciting to me.

Before producing I worked exclusively as a freelance sideman musician. I participated in many recording sessions where I would record and overdub several instruments, play around with FX and sounds, come up with riffs and hooks, and (when asked) chime in with arrangement and engineering ideas.

After some time, I found I was having a big aesthetic impact on the records I was playing on. After hearing me play, Toronto producer Don Kerr (Ron Sexsmith, Rheostatics, Bahamas) referred me to produce Gathering Sparks after I played on one of his productions. Around the same time, artists I was co-writting with (Dione Taylor, Aviva Chernick) asked me to produce their records.

In this sense, the role of producer evolved naturally for me.

Production felt like a more appropriate container for the work I was doing as a musician, and a direction I was really excited about.

Now my work and joy is bringing all my resources as a musician, composer, and engineer to find awesome and imaginative approaches, textures, and sounds to recordings. Perhaps most importantly, I bring myself as an artist and a human being. Making a recording is a big deal on so many levels, and having a trusted producer can save you a lot of time and money.

If you’re thinking about recording a single, EP, or full length record, please give me a buzz below. If I think I can help, I will.


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