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Getting Started

Getting started


  • Search for artists using current hashtag pool
  • Identify quality video posts based on your experience and compatibility with my style
  • Qualify artists based on artistic merit and compatibility

Artist Requirements:

  • Original content, not a cover
  • Video post/IGTV
  • Solo artist (not a band)

Artist merit:

  • Demonstrates very strong or professional  level vocal ability
  • Demonstrates some proficiency on guitar or piano (can accompany themselves)
  • Thoughtful and engaging lyrical content
  • Strong melodic content

Best Candidates:

  • Recording their video with an external mic (not just phone)
  • Demonstrate an interest or ability to self-record
  • Put thought into the aesthetic of their video (background, lighting, sound)

Submitting Potential Leads:

  • Copy link to video of original song (recent is best and no posts older than one year)
    • Click on post, click three dots, click ‘copy link’
  • Send artist first and last name
  • Send artist instagram profile URL
  • Submit all info using artist submission form: 

Instagram Hashtag Pool:















Artist Disqualifications:


  • Noisy poor quality video
  • Non-original content (no covers)
  • Anything hateful