Tara Greene Release Credits

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Congratulations on completing of your recording! This page contains the names of everyone involved in musical creation of your release.

It is critical that your metadata be accurate and correctly displayed when you release you music. The information you enter during digital distribution will be listed in several streaming platforms and credit online databases. If you are manufacturing an album, you don’t want to miss anything.

Personnel Credits

Please look this over this carefully for any errors or omissions.

Tara Greene: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Joel Schwartz: electric guitars, bass
Mark Mariash: drums, percussion
Produced by: Joel Schwartz
Mixed and Mastered by Justin Gray

Production Credit

Anywhere the recording is released must include the credit: 
Produced by: Joel Schwartz
You will also need to include performer, songwriter, and any featured artist information. Below is some specific info for some of the popular platforms.


Spotify and hopefully others soon, support limited release credits. Please include the production credit field that digital distributors such as TuneCore and DistroKid provide.
When the end user click on album credits, it looks something like this:

Unfortunately, there are no fields for supporting musicians or engineers (yet). If you’ve released your music on Spotify and the production credit is missing, please be sure to correct with your digital distributor (eg distrokid).

YouTube, Vimeo etc

If you are releasing a video that includes the studio recording include Produced by: Joel Schwartz in the description/notes. YouTube/Vimeo description also provides ample room for all personnel credits.


Include production credit as well as full liner notes and personnel credits.

Physical Release

Include production credit as well as full liner notes and personnel credits.


AllMusic is one of the most important online archives for music, powering the artist bios and album reviews on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. AllMusic.com receives their data from TiVo. Here’s how to submit:

  1. Download this spreadsheet. 
  2. Digital only releases can ignore UPC code, though some distributors do provide UPC for digital releases.
  3. Copy all personnel credits in “credits column”. Leave out IRSC codes. See the second spreadsheet tab for examples.
  4. Attach spreadsheet AND album cover image (minimum 300px JPEG) and email to content.music@tivo.com

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