Cynthia Hamar Release Credits

Please read this carefully

Hi Cynthia,

Congratulations on completing your recording!

I’m so proud to have produced this work, and I am excited for when it will be released into the world. I ask that anywhere the studio recording is posted, that you, your label, PR, management etc, include the credit Produced by: Joel Schwartz

I define the studio recording as any media that contains the studio audio. Examples are audio files or clips, lyric video, music video etc.

If posting to social media, that’s a straight-forward mention in your status or description. On other platforms such as Spotify, the producer credit field won’t necessarily jump out at you, but it’s super important that you it fill accurately out at the time you upload your music for release (or it will create a headache later…I’ve spelled this out in detail below).

On this page I’ll include exactly how to credit me on most platforms, plus the names of everyone else that should be credited, as well as some marketing info and a link to your final master files.

It’s been my incredible pleasure and so fun working with you, and I can’t wait to do it again.

A huge heartful congratulations to you!


Liner Notes

Please look this over carefully for any errors or omissions and let me know if there are any changes so I can keep an accurate file.

Song Name: Bandit
Songwriter: Cynthia Hamar
Vocals: Cynthia Hamar
Acoustic guitar, resonator, electric guitars: Joel Schwartz
Bass: MJ Dandeneau
Drums: Mark Mariash
Produced by: Joel Schwartz
Mixed by: James Bunton
Mastered by: Justin Gray



The information you enter when uploading for digital distribution will be listed on several streaming platforms and online databases, so it’s important to input all the credits accurately in the metadata. Simply put – if you don’t write everyone’s name in the right field, they will not receive credit.

Please make sure to fill out the producer credit field that digital distributors such as TuneCore and DistroKid provide to Spotify and others. (Unfortunately, there are no fields for supporting musicians or engineers.)

When the end user clicks on the album credits, it will look like this:

YouTube, Vimeo etc

If you are releasing a video that uses the studio recording, please include Produced by: Joel Schwartz in the description/notes. You may also credit everyone in the linear notes.

Bandcamp and Physical Release

Please include my producer credit as well as all the credits in the full liner notes.

AllMusic is one of the most important online archives for music, powering the artist bios and album reviews on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. receives their data from TiVo. Here’s how to submit:

  1. Download this spreadsheet. 
  2. Digital only releases can ignore UPC code, though some distributors do provide UPC for digital releases.
  3. Copy all personnel credits in “credits column”. Leave out IRSC codes. See the second spreadsheet tab for examples.
  4. Attach spreadsheet AND album cover image (minimum 300px JPEG) and email to [email protected]

Social Media

At your discretion, please feel free to tag me and any personnel on posts relating to your release. I want to know when things are being released and I will gladly help boost your post. My profiles:


If you maintain a newsletter or want me to send me a shout out on a mail-out or social media post, please link to my website:

Download your Masters

File Format

The following link contains three file formats: 

  • 16/44.1 WAV CD quality for digital distribution (Spotify).
  • 24/48 WAV High resolution file for digital distribution (such as Tidal HD and Amazon HD) as well as broadcast for film/TV.
  • mp3 Low resolution audio file for social media, email, and the preferred format of many radio stations. Contains full metadata.

If applicable:

  • DDP  For CD manufacturing.  Send the manufacturer the DDP file (not individual .wav files)
  • Mix session files. Some engineers choose to handover session files.

Download your master files here

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