An Online Mentorship Program for Songwriters

Your songs are stories only you can tell

This mentorship program is for artists who want to express their creativity by recording their songs, whether for commercial release or simply to share with family and friends. You’ll learn the tools of recording, receive step-by-step personal guidance, meet a community of likeminded songwriters, and emerge with a polished track of your own.

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You’ve been struggling with recording for a while now

➡ You have a bunch of incredible songs, best-laid plans to record them, but you haven’t made any time or progress

➡ You aren’t sure what gear to get, how to use the gear you do have, or how to use a DAW

➡ You are overwhelmed with the amount of recording information out there and just want to create

➡ You don’t want to always have to rely on outside people or renting an expensive studio

➡ You want more control and to take a more active (and creative) role in the recording process


What if it didn’t have to be like this?
Picture this, you:

Have a home studio

And you know how to use it, rather than watching your current gear collect dust or not knowing what to buy in the first place

Feel confident

Using mics, recording software, overdubbing, and mixing your music rather than feeling bewildered and overwhelmed

Feel Inspired

To create all the time because you actually love the sound of your songs, instead of hearing them as half-finished or half-realized concepts

Have polished recordings

Of well-arranged songs and studio performances. Instead of sitting on a stack of unfinished songs, and sloppily recorded voice memos

Are so excited

About recording that it becomes an indispensable part of your creative process and your creative life

Hi, I’m Joel 👋

I have helped countless musicians just like you make memorable recordings.

I’m a guitarist, producer, and your teacher for The Studio Songwriter Course.

The recordings I’ve produced have won, or been nominated for awards like the Junos, Maple Blues Awards, Canadian Folk Music Awards and many others. I’m also a teacher Toronto’s Sheridan College Music Scoring for Screen and Stage program.

When I’m not producing, composing, or teaching, you can find me listening to Gillian Welch’s I Dream A Highway on repeat or hanging with my partner and our son.

I’m excited to bring my experience to the program and to help you create your next recording.

Joel Schwartz, your course instructor


The Studio Songwriter


The Studio Songwriter is a mentorship and online program for singer-songwriters who are struggling to record and want to create great sounding recordings of their own songs and catapult the development of their musical, arranging, and production skills.

➡ You will learn the exact “pre-production” process I use with my 1:1 production clients that has helped them take a musical idea to an award-winning recording.

➡ You will be applying the tools right from the start. This is not your typical online course where you watch hours of video and think maybe someday I’ll get around to doing this. 

➡ You will have a solid understanding of the information. The weekly live online classes + comprehensive written course + class chat are designed to guide you through the information, allowing for questions and personalized feedback from me.

Trawling through YouTube videos and blog articles won't get you very far.

You will spend hours and hours researching, reading, watching, and will often be left feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and without anything good recorded.

If you want to learn how to produce great recordings, you need someone to actually listen to what you’re doing and give you personalized feedback.

In short, you need a mentor.

The Studio Songwriter Course contains everything you need to know to create a polished recording at home. 

Not only will you learn the technical details you need to record, you will also learn about songwriting, creativity, arranging, and production in a fun and supportive group setting.

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Watch how The Studio Songwriter Course works

The Best Learning Experience

Live Classes

Small group LIVE zoom classes, over 30 step-by-step online lessons and printable course resources, and lifetime access to the course.


Receive personalized feedback from your instructor at every stage of the process. In-class attention and communication via course chat between sessions.


The step by step guidance you need to create a polished song. Activities accompany each section so that you learn and apply the information as you go

Polished Recording

Create a finished recording that you will be proud of and want to share. You will leave this course with the skills, equipment, and confidence to make high quality recordings again and again.

You Will Learn To:

Students Reviews


I have always been intimidated by the technical aspect of recording, but this course offered personal guidance and detailed information on gear, set-up, and process in a simple, clear, and accessible format.

Having this knowledge was the missing piece that I needed to bring my songs to full fruition.


hire someone else to do this?

In my experience, when artists jump too quickly into renting a studio, hiring engineers, and bringing in musicians, things can get off the rails.

You will ending up spending a lot of money and chances are you won’t get what you want.

However, my program isn’t meant to replace recording studios or working with other experienced professionals. I created this mentorship to empower you to feel confident in recording scenarios and open up new creative possibilities for yourself.

The Studio Songwriter Course is for artists who want to DIY  their recordings, AND for those who want to eventually work in studios.


✓ Six modules filled with lessons that go over all the details step-by-step to help you put your home studio together.

✓ Weekly class calls to get personalized feedback, help, and advice from me + class replays.

✓ Course chat and discussion so you’ll never be stuck and a place where you can connect with other Studio Songwriters.

✓ Exciting bonuses like the Home Recording Checklist, Production Prep Guide, Glossary of Recording Terms, and my list of recommended free and paid plugins and instruments.

✓ Lifetime access to the course as well as any updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m going to be listening to everything you record, helping you if you get stuck, and providing personalized feedback and advice on your recording, arrangement, orchestration, mix, and sounds.

In each class we will be going over the material as a group and there will be opportunities to ask questions.

When not in class, I will be active in the class chat as will other participants.

This course is perfect for you. I’m committed to making sure you get what you need out of this course. This isn’t one of those courses where you buy it and just never get around to doing it. I’ll be guiding you each step of the way so that you emerge proud and confident of your recording abilities.

All you need is a working computer and the ability to either rent or buy the recording equipment (or similar equipment) that I recommend. Ideally, students have a fast internet connection to fully participate in the zoom classes and to upload their recordings. However, if strong internet is not available, we will always give the option to join the live calls with a telephone number if you need it.

Yes! I outline a variety of home studio setups at price ranges to suit any budget.

That’s great! You may have a head-start, but if you are not fully confident in how to use it, I will offer step-by-step guidance to make sure that your equipment is working well for your situation as well as how to operate it properly and introduce a number of recording best practices you may not have learned. In addition, a big part of this course is the creative component. We are applying the recording knowledge to your song with step-by-step goals, guidance, and feedback, which is an integral part of creating a memorable, polished recording.

I want to make sure that everyone who enrols is a great fit for the course. All are welcome to apply.

All zoom calls are recorded and available for streaming within the course.

You have lifetime access to the course material. Zoom recordings and class discussion are available for the duration of the course.

As I update the course, you will have continued access to any new additions.


The Studio Songwriter Course


If you’re tired of not following through when it comes to your music, your songs, or your recordings, or are annoyed at your lack of consistency, this program will fix your woes!

You won’t have to cobble together advice from a bunch of different YouTube “experts” or blogs any more. You’ll have striaghtforward and actionable tools that you’ll actually implement.

I promise you… you’ll wish you started this program today 6 months from now.

I hope to see you inside The Studio Songwriter Course, and help you build your creativity and recording skills, together.

Ready to make your music heard?

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