Aviva – La Serena Album Release

Excited to announce the release of Aviva Chernick’s recording La Serena.  We spent many months working to write, arrange and produce this recording. 

“This collection is primarily of tunes from the Jews of Spain and the Balkans, traditional and original melodies with rich poetry in Judeo‑Spanish (also known as Ladino).

This album expands on the limited notion of La Serena (the Siren) as a female creature whose voice is intended solely for seduction and destruction. The voice and the music are lush, bold and joyous.” – https://avivachernick.com/

Below are a two videos we recorded live in my studio as well as an older which “Adon Olam” was a genesis for this project.

From a production perspective I was interested in ways to present Aviva and this music with a lot of atmosphere, stillness, and power.  Sonically, I wanted to bring some sounds from the Folk/Americana world such as electric guitar, National steel, and mandolins to the Ladino music.


“Throughout the record, the bold and elegant curvature of Aviva’s voice stands unadorned and vulnerable…It emerges vividly amidst the subtle architecture of layered and reverberant instrumentation constructed by guitarist and co-producer Joel Schwartz.”

Paul Corby https://www.rootsmusic.ca/2019/11/04/aviva-chernick-talks-about-la-serena-with-paul-corby/?fbclid=IwAR0fdW6LwFg2bULkToqPAwwrSOPiQg2Y2JYkm5KhdcGAyVdgjGKYdaSys3E

“The musical arrangements are also endlessly intriguing, full of subtle surprises and tiny little details that capture your heart for just a fleeting moment. The sound quality is stunning, which really rounds out the package so to speak–there’s a completeness to La Sirena that’s rare and uncompromising and yet full of love and respect.”


#1 on World Music Chart

Look for La Serena on streaming, CD, and vinyl