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As a young kid I was fascinated with recording.  Using two cassette decks (one set to play, and the other set to record), I learned about the magic of layering guitar parts. Later I graduated to a fourtrack recorder, and I remember the transformative experience of hearing the incredible clarity and fidelity!  For nearly as many years as I have been a musician, I have been interested in recording music.

In early 2015, I opened a small (but mighty) project studio in Toronto.  Filled with great gear and good vibes, the purpose of this studio is to provide a creative space to write, record, produce, and collaborate.

Whether working from this space, or in a multi-room “A list” studio, my goal is always to coax some of that same excitement and magic that I felt making those early tapes as a kid.  Learn a bit more about how online sessions work, or book one now.