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    Recording with Shawna Caspi

    I had the pleasure of working with folk songwriter Shawna Caspi with producer Don Kerr (Rheostatics, Ron Sexsmith) at the helm.  Shawna is a wonderful fingerstyle guitarist and songwriter. I recorded with Shawna on her 2012 release “Skyline”.

    For this recording, I was covering quite a few fretted instruments : electric guitars, baritone, acoustic, mandolin, dobro, and tenor banjo.  It’s a really fun and rewarding discovery, as Shawna, Don, and I work together to layer the parts and come up with ideas.  We found some cool sound/instrument combinations such as a melody line played on electric guitar, tenor banjo (through amp), and mandolin.  I’ll have to remember that one.

    Don has a vibey home studio and gets beautiful warm tones.  It’s a wonderful place to make a record.  Look out for Shawna’s album later this year.



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    Winter Light

    This is almost like a companion piece to “Maudlin Mandolins”.  It feels like a winter song to me.  It’s kind of jaunty I think.

    I’ve been having fun recording layered mandolins, miking them with a darker sounding ribbon and a super clear condenser mic at once.

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    Maudlin Mandolins

    There was a period of time in my study of the mandolin, when I devoured music written by Bach.  I was renting a 5×15 storage space in the basement of an old Heintzman piano factory, playing Bach solo violin partitas on the mandolin for roughly three hours a day.  Because the mandolin shares the 5ths tuning with the bowed instrument family, the music is relatively easy to adapt.  While I could never hope to absorb the magnitude of genius that is Bach, I hear the echos of his music, or at least his influence on me in this piece.

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    Introducing SongLab

    Introducing SongLab – a space to listen to my musical works in progress, song snippets, soundscapes, and recorded musical experiments.  SongLab is my “anything goes” music blog.

    SongLab is not intended to highlight highly polished finished products (see discography for that), but as a direct and speedy creative link from me to you.  I hope you enjoy listening.