Love in Wartime, out now

Love in Wartime is finally released to the world!  This was an incredible recording to make.  Four days at Electrical Audio, Steve Albini’s studio in Chicago.  Poignantly, we began recording on the day Trump was inaugurated into office.  It felt like a holding a beam of light during a very dark hour.  For me ‘holding the light’ is what this record is all about.  You can stream it here, but buy the vinyl as it sounds amazing:

People are saying some really nice things about the guitar playing too:

The title track delivers a haunting reflection on the nature of love in difficult times. The song’s sonic structure recalls Jackson Browne’s “Late for the Sky,” culminating as Browne’s song does, too, with aching steel guitar creating an overwhelming moment of cosmic beauty and transcendence. – No Depression, 2018

Love in Wartime starts off as an achingly beautiful vocal duet as the pair celebrate the humdrum elements of daily life finding beauty in them (“Morning dew on the petal, steam on up from the kettle”) before a stirring slide guitar solo carries the song to a glorious end. – Paul Kerr, Blabber ‘n’ Smoke


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