Introducing…Love Scene

My friends Ben Whiteley, Sly Juhas, and I have been exploring and
experimenting playing along with projected images of old black and white
films.  We’re really excited to formally launch Love Scene.  Check out our trailer and bio below.

Love Scene is an evocative new multimedia ensemble from Toronto.  Performing experimental prom music (think Brian Eno meets Buddy Holly, but instrumental) to Canadian black and white films, the group captures the vintage qualities of these unique films while providing a creative modern edginess.
During the performance, the members interact and electronically effect the film’s dialogue, fading it in and out at different points.  The manipulated dialogue provides narrative points for the instrumental music. At the same time, the new score recontextualises the original plot in interesting and sometimes dramatic ways.
Vintage meets modern is reflected in the set design as well. The audience sees the film projected behind the band, and onstage are 1960s space age TVs mirroring the projection and bare Edison bulbs providing lighting ambiance.
With remarkable and compelling results, Love Scene takes the listener on a profoundly enjoyable journey.

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