Hotel room sessions: Anne the series

Post-gig, late night film session in a San Diego hotel room recording guitar parts for Anne The Series: an Anne of Green Gables show coming to CBC/Netflix. Composed by Ari Posner and Amin Bhatia.  Other pop-up studio locations have included a cold wine cellar, a shared hotel room (with an understanding drummer), and a walk-in closet.


Stuart Mclean

I’m really saddened to hear about the loss of Stuart Mclean.  Going on the road with the Vinyl Cafe and their incredible team, was a banner tour for the Birds of Chicago.

Vinyl Cafe, Stuart McLean, Birds of Chicago

Vinyl Cafe, Stuart McLean, Birds of Chicago

I received a true education in performance watching Stuart work. At the beginning of the tour, Stuart was sequestered in the back of the bus, writing and sculpting the script. With each show, it would be finessed. Depending on the audience’s reaction, he would adjust the timing of a joke here, or a word there. Each night was new and exciting.

Most importantly, the dream team -Tina Love, Lucas Simonetto, and Jess Milton are some of the most lovely humans around. It was truly an honour to be in their company.

Here’s a link to the show: