Selected Discography


Birds of Chicago.  Love in Wartime.  (To be released)
-Electric guitar, baritone guitar.


Adrian Nation. Anarchy and Love.  (2017).  Independent.
-Slide guitar, tenor banjo, and mandolin on “Anarchy and Love”.
-Electric guitar, on “Anarchy and Love”.




Lydia Persaud. Low Light.  (2017).  Independent.
-Electric guitar on “Everything”.





Image result for shawna caspi forest fireShawna Caspi.  Forest Fire.  (2017).  Independent.
-Electric guitar, baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, resonator slide guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin




Justin Gray.  Synthesis.  (2017).  Independent.
-Resonator slide guitars, electric guitar FX on “Rise”





Jessica Mitchell. Don’t Love me. (Single) (May 12, 2017)
-Baritone guitar, electric guitar, resonator slide guitar.





Jessica Mitchell. Tear it down. (Single) (May 12, 2017)
– Electric slide guitar, effects.





Birds of Chicago.  Treasure of the Broken Land: The Songs of Mark Heard. (Compilation/various artists). “Rise from the Ruins”. Storm Weathered Records. (2017)
– Electric guitar





Desiree Dorion.  Tough Street.  (2017).  Independent.
-Co-writer, Resonator slide guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo.





Deb Maybury. Vulnerable Places (2016).  Independent.
-Electric guitar, baritone guitar.





Dion Taylor. Born Free. (2016). Maple Music.
-Co-writer, resonator slide guitar, electric guitar, tenor banjo





Shelley O’Brien.  Turn the Dark.  (2014).  Shellest Records.
-Electric guitar.





Zebrina.  Hamidbar Medaber.  (2014).  Tzadik.
-Electric guitar, resonator slide guitar.





Fafard and Schwartz (Joel Fafard and Joel Schwartz).  Borrowed Horses.  (2013).  Independent.
-Composer, co-writer, co-producer, electric guitar.
-Nominated for Western Canadian Blues Awards.




Kate Rogers. Repeat Repeat. (2013).  Independent.
-Electric guitar.





Aviva Chernick. When I arrived you were already there .(2013). Independent.
-Electric guitar, Resonator slide guitar, Co-writer, Arranger, Co-producer)
-Nominated for 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award





Great Lake Swimmers. New Wild Everywhere. (2012). Nettwerk Records.
-Nominated for 2012 Junos





Kristin Lindell.  Overflowing.  (2012).  Independent
-Co-writer, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, resonator slide guitar, mandolin.





Joshua Van Tassel.  Everyone has it all.  (2011).  Independent.
-Resonator guitar.





Shawna Caspi.  Skyline. (2011).  Independent.
-Electric guitar, mandolin.





Brianne Swan.  Ballad of a Canadian Superhero.  2011.  Independent.
-Electric guitar, resonator guitar, mandolin.





Zebrina. Trail of the Hunter Gatherers. (2010).  Independent
-Electric guitar.





The Outlanders.  …and this is how his story goes.  (2009).  Independent.
-Composer, electric guitar.






Love Scene. (2015).  Experimental Prom Music.   Improvised and composed music played to projected Canadian black and white films.  Presented at Burdock, Toronto.




Joe Fafard, Joël Fafard, and Joel Schwartz.  (2013).  A tune to Art: Sculpture and Song.  A collection of twelve sculptures by Joe Fafard, paired with twelve songs composed and arranged by Joël Fafard and Joel Schwartz, presented as a live show at galleries and theatres across Canada.




Joel Schwartz.  (2011).  Synthesis.  A creative event pairing ten visual artists with ten composers to inspire the creation of new works. Presented at Pia Bouman theatre in Toronto.




Film and TV

See IMDB page for current list.



 Anne with an E (TV Series) (musician – 6 episodes)

Wherever You Are Is My Home (2017) … (musician)
Tightly Knotted to a Similar String (2017) … (musician)
An Inward Treasure Born (2017) … (musician)
But What Is So Headstrong as Youth? (2017) … (musician)
I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me (2017) … (musician)
Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny (2017) … (musician)




High-Rise Rescue (musician) (post-production) 2017







Tulipani, Love, Honour and a Bicycle (musician) (post-production) 2017








A Lens of Empathy: Vincenzo Pietropaolo (Documentary) (musician)  2017



 Christmas Incorporated (TV Movie) (musician) 2015







 The Christmas Parade (TV Movie) (musician) 2014








24 Hour Rental (TV Series) (musician – 1 episode) 2014

– Don of the Dead (2014) … (musician)






 Cyber-Seniors (Documentary) (musician) 2014








 All the Wrong Reasons (musician) 2013








 Wild Roses (TV Series) (musician – 13 episodes) 2009

First and Last (2009) … (musician)
Time and Chance (2009) … (musician)
Hunters and Gatherers (2009) … (musician)
Boom and Bust (2009) … (musician)
Meat and Potatoes (2009) … (musician)
Sin and Redemption (2009) … (musician)
Love and Loss (2009) … (musician)
Oil and Water (2009) … (musician)
Secrets and Lies (2009) … (musician)
Booms and Echoes (2009) … (musician)
Friends and Rivals (2009) … (musician)
Sisters and Brothers (2009) … (musician)
Cowgirls (2009) … (musician)