Introducing SongLab

Introducing SongLab – a space to listen to my musical works in progress, song snippets, soundscapes, and recorded musical experiments.  SongLab is my “anything goes” music blog.

SongLab is not intended to highlight highly polished finished products (see discography for that), but as a direct and speedy creative link from me to you.  I hope you enjoy listening.

Thank you Toronto Arts Council

I wish to gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council. My proposal to create new compositions for an acoustic ensemble was approved. Have a listen below to hear the direction I’m headed with this.  A little strange, a little cinematic, but sincere and heartfelt.  Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy.

Spare Tire

Here’s a new tune I wrote called Spare Tire.  Chris Merrill is playing bass and drums on this.  This song is part of an on going composition project I have here called SongLab.  Check out the rest of the tunes there!