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Calgary Folk Festival 2017


Calgary Folk Fest has been a fantastic experience for Birds of Chicago.  We came into town a little early to play a show of Canadiana tunes (celebrating Canada 150) with Basia Bulat, Barney Bentall, Jason Collett, Turkwaz, CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR and others.

Our main stage set was Friday night and it was one of my favourite festival experience with the Birds.  The weather, audience, sound, and crew were fantastic.  Our last workshop set is this afternoon with Jim Cuddy, Barney Bentall, and Yola Carter.

The music was warmly received and there seemed to be a bit of buzz about the band:

This might be a bold statement, but seeing this band perform was a life affirming experience. Even amidst their occasionally grief stricken lyrics, Birds of Chicago manages to create a sense of positivity in their music that seems fitting for a festival stage. Whether through the sonic fury of a well-played guitar solo or the emotional hook of a well-written verse, this group creates music that uplifts the spirit. Their sound ranges from full-on rock and roll to deeply folk, with one song being performed exclusively to the beat of a kick drum and the claps of the audience. They were humble performers and talented musicians, a chance to see them play should not be missed. (JB)

There was also a nice article in the Calgary Herald:

Next up: Canmore and then Edmonton.


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